About StaffSure

StaffSure is a certification scheme which makes it simple for business, government and workers to find and partner with reputable Workforce Service Providers such as labour hire companies, professional contracting firms and private employment agencies. 

Through independent auditing against an industry-specific standard, StaffSure provides confidence and integrity to the workforce services market in Australia and New Zealand. 

The StaffSure Standard, and certification program, was developed by RCSA, the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand, in response to calls from business and government for a simple yet effective solution to the exploitation of workers by ‘labour hire’ providers in the fresh produce industry. RCSA, as the peak body, knew that the problem of poor business practice was wider than traditional ‘labour hire’ and that a scheme was needed to validate all forms of workforce services. StaffSure was developed to help operators prove their business integrity whether they are labour hire businesses in the horticulture industry, professional contracting firms supplying government or payroll agencies engaging contractors for the banking & finance sector. 

In developing StaffSure, RCSA worked in consultation with industries that use Workforce Service Providers, governments that regulate them, unions that represent workers within them and certification experts with global experience. 

StaffSure addresses the key business integrity and risk elements within contemporary workforce services, based on market intelligence and knowledge that only the industry has. Workforce Service Providers are businesses, in all forms, that source, assign and manage employees and contractors for business and government. They may hire and assign workers to work directly for clients or they may manage their own workers to deliver the services as a contractor. Workforce Services Providers include labour hire providers, contracting firms, employment agencies, payroll agencies and recruitment firms.

When business and government engage StaffSure Certified providers they reward business integrity and firms with a proven commitment to
the protection of Australian and New Zealand workers and professionals.