Manpower’s Regional Manager Russell Fairbank

“We wanted to play a key leadership role in ensuring that suppliers meet the highest professional and ethical standards,” Mr Fairbank said.

“We found the process to be extremely useful. Although we had recently completed an independent audit for ISO 9000 (quality), ASNZ 4801 (OHS) and IS14001 (environmental) the StaffSure process provides a useful, highly relevant and industry specific assessment. The auditor provided knew our industry, our operations and spoke our language which made it very easy for a range of stakeholders across our front / back office functions to explain what we do and the importance to our customers.

Assuming other significant quality providers jump on board and clients request tis through the procurement process then it will become an important qualification tool. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending StaffSure to my peers.”

“We want our customers to have the confidence that we meet the highest standards as befitting the professional services industry and StaffSure provides this platform.”

WorkforceXS Managing Director Ross Thompson

“In light of some of the recent cases of exploitation, I had several clients contact me and ask how I could show that I was above board and abiding within set standards,” Mr Thompson said.
 “As someone who has been running a labour hire firm since 1997, I pride myself in our standards and how we look after our staff. I welcomed the opportunity to show my clients the steps and processes we abide by to look after our workers.

“The StaffSure audit program was thorough and clearly was developed by people at the coalface as they knew every aspect of the industry and what was required to ensure an international level of compliance.

“The only way we will stop rogue operators and protect workers is through an industry-led scheme that rewards professional firms and shine a spotlight on the small minority who are doing the wrong thing.”

Austchilli Bundaberg Group Operations Manager Terry Lutteral

“As an employer, StaffSure gives us confidence that the correct measures are put in place and that it’s not just a program that has alterative motives or may, after years, not be a priority,” Mr Lutteral said. “The thoroughness of StaffSure and the fact that it is driven by the recruitment industry and not just state-based government bodies gives a lot more confidence to our business.

“While we partner with long-term suppliers that have a great reputation and do the right thing, having this directory and program will help competitors be able to better focus on looking after workers to strengthen our industry’s reputation and work towards a sustainable future.

“Furthermore, it means that everyone is playing on the same level and lifting the standard across the board.”

Fifteen per cent of Mr Lutteral’s workforce is made up of on-site workers and with StaffSure he believes accountability will be encouraged on all sides of the supply chain.

“We definitely won’t be working with an operator who is uncertified and unlicensed,” he said. “Programs like this ensure that simple practices such as accommodation, super payments and correct pay rates, which are a key area of concern in our sector, are audited and accountability is taken for.”

Edward Milne, Manager of Workforce Solutions and Training Pathways at Bayside Group

“The industry understands itself better than legislators ever can,” Mr Milne said. “Simply looking at how hard legislators have found it to define ‘labour suppliers’ is an excellent example of how a great idea can miss the mark through a lack of clarity from people setting regulations and a law in place.

“A unified industry demonstrates to our employees, clients and law makers that we are willing to do the right thing and a small minority doing things wrong should not taint all of us.

“Industry-led regulation leads to the best outcomes. Our business is about ensuring we have the right human capital in the right place at the right time for our clients. You don’t mistreat fruit produce on the way to market and stay in business. Like fruit, people are our product and require just as much care and attention.”

Ian McPherson, the Chief Operating Officer of New Zealand’s Enterprise Recruitment,

Mr McPherson said Enterprise Recruitment were keen to be part of StaffSure as they felt an industry benchmark was long overdue to ensure a high standard is set and maintained.

“We found the audit positive, it was great to have an independent body assess our systems and standards,” Mr McPherson said. “Independent audits are always a valuable tool to get feedback on our processes and reward the work we do to set standards within the business and maintain a high standard for our clients, jobseekers and staff.

“A program like StaffSure is vital for established companies, like Enterprise, and for those who are joining the industry so they can see what business integrity looks like. It’s a standard that everyone can be measured across.”

“On the flipside, StaffSure can help procurement clients have confidence in the suppliers they are working with,” he said. “It’s a clear way to differentiate those who are doing the right thing and put those who aren’t on notice.

“I see StaffSure as a good way to create a professional entry level for the industry and differentiate firms in a crowded market.

“This program was developed by the industry for the industry.”